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Pirate Ship Bed
by Bibi's Custom Made

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Ahoy thar mates and pirates of the Caribbean! We've sailed vast oceans 'n crossed stormy seas to find a pirate bed suitable for not just any pirate capt'n! Climb aboard mates, and see what dreams ye'll be hav'n tonight in ye very own pirate ship bed among pirates of the caribbean! Whar "Dead Men Tell No Tales!"
This bed was fully designed with every nook and cranny available for storage possible. There are even secret doors to hide treasure maps, gold bullion, daggers and more!
-The inside deck of the bow is level with a 10" mattress.
-The ship's wheel spins left and right freely!
-3 drawers on each side of the stern.
- 2 drawers in the headboard below the deck and above the mattress.
-Mast is adjustable for ceiling heights.
-Wood pennant can be painted with the little pirate's name.
-Window on each side that lights up. Each plastic window has changeable colored panes
-Sides of the bed have faux drawers with handles that mimic cannons. Each opens on a hinge to allow for storage under the bed, or for that little hideaway for pirate's treasure. It's perfectly safe, because the mattress can always be lifted up for access below.
Available in Dark Espresso wood stain in Twin and Full size.
Twin Dimensions:
Bed w/Mast (L x W x H): 10' x 41.5" x 7'
Bed w/o Mast (L x W x H): 10' x 41.5" x 37"
Side Gun Rails 29" (H), Side Rails 19.5" (H)
Full Dimensions:
Bed w/Mast (L x W x H): 10' x 57" x 7'
Bed w/o Mast (L x W x H): 10' x 57" x 37"
Side Gun Rails 29" (H); Side Rails 19.5" (H)

Please allow approx 20+ weeks for production of this custom made to order bed!
Shipping Freight charges not included and payable to shipping company upon delivery.
*Jolly Roger Flag not included. Includes White flag.
*Not applicable for discounts or promotions. Contact us for Quick Ship Items!

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Pirate Ship Bed$2,999.00

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